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Extreme Dungeon Makeover

The most popular request when I first posted an Extreme Dungeon Makeover was to redo the Caves of Chaos (from the classic adventure module B2 – Keep on the Borderlands). I decided to take a “1 to 1” remake of the map, instead of reinterpreting it (which I still may do), and discovered that the map just won’t fit on a single page for me when sticking to it “as is”. Earlier this week I posted my first section of these venerable caves (the lairs of the Goblins, Ogre and Hobgoblins). Here is the second part of the same map, this time putting the focus on caves J and K (the Gnolls, and of course the climax of the adventure, the Shrine of Evil Chaos).

I love the over the top sound of that. The Shrine of Evil Chaos.

Anyways, on to the map!

Extreme Dungeon Makeover - Caves of Chaos pt 2

Extreme Dungeon Makeover - Caves of Chaos pt 2

The map was drawn in a single draft using black gel pen on plain white paper with a backing grid (on a separate sheet of paper), scanned and contrast-enhanced. Normally I tell people to do cool stuff with my Friday Maps, but this isn’t mine to begin with.