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I love it when I see my stuff getting out there and getting used. So today’s post is all about me pimping my own awesome – an unashamed effort to pump up my own ego by showing off what awesome stuff is happening out there in the blogosphere that somehow ties right back to me. Because you know it, I’m awesome!

Dave's Mapper Output

Dave's Mapper Output

Dave’s Mapper Update

First up, Dave Millar over at Daves Mapper has started putting some of my new corners and dungeon entrances into the mapper. This makes me grin like you wouldn’t believe. Dave’s Mapper is an awesome reminder of how much awesome there is in the geomorpher crew – we’ve got hundreds of geomorphs in there now (hell, there’s hundreds in there if you just count mine and Risus Monkey’s stuff, plus all the awesome from everyone else!)

If you haven’t played around with Dave’s Mapper lately, you should give it a go. There’s some funky dungeons waiting for you over there.


The Toad Idol

Challenge of the Frog God

The Frog God

Another Dave over at Tower of the Archmage has posted a review of my recent bout of insanity known as the Challenge of the Frog God. This is that 20-page adventure module I threw together over two days last week in response to B/X Blackrazor challenging us to provide something centred around the awesome bloated frog statue from Gothridge Manor. Somehow I let the frog get to me and “What you get in these pages is basically a mini-campaign! There is a dying city, a swamp full of forgotten gods and other interesting things, and a 12 room dungeon that marks the entrance of a megadungeon!”


Awesome Dungeon

Awesome Dungeon

Isometric Axonometric Dungeon Projection

Yeah, sounds like gobbledigook to me. But wow. This is what happens when you let cool guys play with cool toys. Recently a few of us have been making “vertical” or “side view” dungeon geomorphs. The host of the Lost Papers of Tsojcanth put together this combination / permutation of regular and side view geomorphs from Stonewerks and I, and came out with this piece of awesome. I know I’m late on the news with this one, since it seems everyone around the blogosphere has been pimping it like mad, but hey, I write these posts a week in advance sometimes.


Temple of Shimati

Temple of Shimati


Chaotic GM, who I pimped a couple of weeks ago for making a Savage Worlds adventure out of the Monastery of Electrum Flowers has done it again. This time my “Mini Dungeon 1” that appeared as my map of the week a couple of weeks ago has been adapted to a classic pulp adventure, again far cooler than the generic D&D usage I had in mind when I drew it. “Hold it Right There, Dr Totmacher!” is available from his blog by following this link – also he has made full-on battlemaps / dungeon tiles of most of the key areas of the Monastery of Electrum Flowers (in it’s guise as Outpost CVIII) and is posting them to his blog regularly.