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Okay, maybe not a rukus, but there’s been a lot of talk about what community entails and what we are doing to have such a community. I’m a big fan of communities, as long as they don’t go the way of consensus-building clusterfucks. To that end, I’ve been putting a lot of work into providing resources to other bloggers in the RPG Blogosphere. But (this post notwithstanding), I don’t like doing so on my blog proper. My blog is for readers, not for bloggers (although bloggers make up a chunk of the readership, obviously).

So where am I putting in this effort? Mostly over on the RPGBA forums these days. I’ve launched a few threads about blogging, attracting readers (not “followers”, but actual readers), and lately about cross-promotion. I’m all about the cross-promotion. For the simplest in cross-promotion, check out most of my maps on this blog – I encourage other bloggers to take my maps and do something awesome with them. In effect they are promoting my blog with their awesome, and I help them out by pimping their awesome over here.

Here’s a few threads where I try to share the goods with the RPG Blogging Community over on the RPGBA forum. The goal here is to exchange ideas, knowledge and skills to help each other out. That’s what a community is for, right? So please, jump into any of these threads with your own experiences and insights!