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Gallow's Cross HeaderThis dungeon was originally a mystery-temple hidden under the earth. Some cult that wasn’t favoured by the authorities and had to conduct it’s rites in secret. The inn came later, after the cult died out. Later intrusions into the shrine came when a rebel group opposing the local duke used it as a base of operations. They dug into it through the inn cellar (with an extra escape route dug in through the well). And now? Maybe it’s used by smugglers or slavers (for whom the inn is a cover) it’s still in the hands of the rebels. If the latter it might be fun for PCs to defend it against the authorities rather than delving into it like a dungeon.

Gallows Cross map

Gallows Cross map

Gallows Cross notes

This was done on a gridlined moleskine notebook. I started in pencil, then grew a pair and just switched to pen. As soon as I was done I saw that my water was wonky. I have decided to justify it by saying that my fantasy world leans slightly to the right.


Oh, did I mention that this map wasn’t drawn by me (Dyson)? This awesome map (and notes) were drawn and written up by Chris Gardiner over on RPG.net and he gave me permission to post them here since he is blogless.