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dccsheet-headerRemember my (pretty awesome) hand-tooled character sheets for B/X D&D and Labyrinth Lord (available in three formats – landscape, folder and pocketmod)? Well, the inspiration struck home with Kiznit (the former webmaster of the Gelatinous Cubed blog and the creator of Old School Hack), and he created an awesome sheet for Goodman Games’ Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG based on mine!

I mean, seriously, check this bad-boy out!

Hand Tooled DCC Character Sheet

Hand Tooled DCC Character Sheet (Click for PDF Download)

The only thing I would change, were it my own creation, would be to increase the contrast of just about everything to straight black-on-white. But they work wonderfully as-is and I’ll be using them for my upcoming run through the DCC system. These were designed for the level 0 starting characters, thus they are made to fit two copies on a sheet of paper (or if you write small, you could refit it to one per page, landscape format). Kiznit / KoboldStyle / Kirin also plans to craft some class-specific sheets.

But when you download the PDF you’ll notice page 2 – a set of torch and lantern cards. These are brilliant, and usable not just for the DCC RPG but for classic D&D and Labyrinth Lord too. These are at least as brilliant as the character sheet itself.

Lantern & Torch Cards

Lantern & Torch Cards