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Alignment ChartI actually like the Dungeons & Dragons alignment system in general (well, as long as you don’t use the AD&D1e system of someone changing alignment due to their actions also losing a level for doing so). But I also understand people who don’t like the two-axis system and the debates that ensue over what is evil and what is not (here’s a hint: *most* evil people by the rules of the game think they are good, just like a lot of people think that stuff on the Evil side of the chart should be on the Good side). Personally I prefer the single-axis system of B/X D&D and Labyrinth Lord.

However, inspired by the alignments posted at Save vs Poison and the alignments from the Palladium RPG system, as a group we sat down and came up with our own favourite alignments.

Here’s the original alignments from Palladium (aside: how the hell did I get a hardcover of Rifts Ultimate Edition in my collection? I *know* I didn’t buy this!):

  • Principled (Good): Maps to Lawful Good
  • Scrupulous (Good): Maps to Neutral Good with Chaotic tendencies
  • Unprincipled (Selfish): Maps to Chaotic Good
  • Anarchist (Selfish): Maps to Chaotic Neutral
  • Aberrant (Evil): Maps to Lawful Evil
  • Miscreant (Evil): Maps to Neutral Evil
  • Diabolic (Evil): Maps to Psychotic Evil, err, Chaotic Evil

Here’s the awesome alignments from Save vs Poison:

  • Spicy: If there are any girls there, you want to do them.
  • Extra Spicy: If there are any girls or guys there, you want to do them.
  • Cheddar Bacon Ranch: God dammit, now I’m hungry.
  • Zesty: What Would Ricardo Montalban Do?
  • Libertarian: Nobody can make you do anything, especially the government. Once per session, you must express your disapproval of something based on the Founding Fathers being opposed to it.
  • Luddite: Technology BAD.
  • Neo Luddite: Technology isn’t bad, per se, it’s just annoying, and WILL YOU PUT YOUR GODDAMN PHONE AWAY WHILE I’M TALKING TO YOU?!
  • Murder: You kill other things, usually on sight. You may or may not take their stuff.
  • Communist: The treasure belongs to the Party.
Another alignment system that we all decided we’d like to work into our own is the one from Pendragon. This uses multiple morality indexes with two extremes, and you plot where your character’s passions lie on each of these 13 axes.
  • Chaste / Lustful
  • Energetic / Lazy
  • Forgiving /Vengeful
  • Generous / Selfish
  • Honest / Deceitful
  • Just / Arbitrary
  • Merciful / Cruel
  • Modest / Proud
  • Pious / Worldly
  • Prudent / Reckless
  • Temperate / Indulgent
  • Trusting / Suspicious
  • Valorous / Cowardly
So here’s where we settled for our own alignments – each character gets to pick two axes for their alignment, and basically ignores the rest:
  • Spicy / Wallflower
  • Luddite / Technophile
  • Greedy / Communist
  • Murderous / Reasonable
  • Lawful / Chaotic
  • Affectionate / Antisocial (Emo)
  • Good / Evil
  • Stinky / Neat-Freak
  • Cool / Stressed
  • Naive / Blaze
And if you can’t decide on a second alignment, you just add Fashionably or Unfashionably to your only choice.
And how did this work out for our crew? Without naming names, the alignments chosen for the various people we game with were:
  • Spicy Cool
  • Murderous Evil
  • Naive Luddite
  • Lawful Stinky
  • Unfashionably Stressed
  • Reasonably Chaotic
  • Greedy Good
  • Cool Wallflower
  • Lawful Affectionate
I wish I could say I was Spicy Cool. But the crew decided I am Reasonably Chaotic.