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Areas 48 through 52 of the Depths of Erdea Manor (the northwest region) are held by a branch of the ancient Erde clan that were mighty warriors and who have sworn themselves to a god of war and destruction and who have in turn become minotaurs. The following key describes the areas of the depths that they control and the few remnants of the clan.

Erdea Manor - Depths

Erdea Manor - Depths

48. Guarded Curtains. This room is separated from the corridor via a set of heavy magical curtains. While the minotaur with a polearm (AC: 6, HD: 6, hp: 22, Mv: 120 (40), Att: 2 or 1, Dmg: 1d6 / 1d6 or 1d10+2, Sv: F6, M: 12) behind the curtain seems to be the guard here, the curtain itself the true threat to a stealthy party. The curtain will spot a non-invisible target who is hiding in shadows or otherwise stealthy on a 1-4 on a d6 and will then whisper the alert to the minotaur in the room. If the minotaur is slain, the cutraint will begin to scream for backup. The magic curtain can be shut up with a good reaction check, or by killing it (AC: 8, 14 hp). It bleeds copiously when wounded or killed.

49. Living Space. This room has been used by the minotaur branch of the Erde family as a communal living space. There are signs that several minotaurs have been using it, although it is uninhabited at this time.

50. Warrior’s Hall. This oddly shaped hall and raised corridor is home to a pair of knights of the Erde clan. These two minotaurs (AC: 5, HD: 6, hp: 19, 21, Mv: 120 (40), Att: 2 or 1, Dmg: 1d6 / 1d6 or 1d8+2 (sword) or 1d6+2 (javelin), Sv: F6, M: 12) each carry an iron shield and wield a longsword with four javelins as backup against ranged foes. They prowl around the northern portion of the room and will attempt to engage foes with hit and run tactics. The smaller minotaur is wearing a copper static ring which provides +1 on all saves against lightning and electrical attack forms, as well as increasing the damage of all electrical spells cast by the wearer by +1 per 2 dice of damage (minimum of +1 damage).

51. The Elder of the Horns. The elder of this branch of the Erde clan lives in this room, guarded by his two nephews in area 50. Lord Gursin Erde is a massive and ancient minotaur (AC: 4, HD: 6, hp: 16, Mv: 120 (40), Att: 2 or 1, Dmg: 1d6 / 1d6 or 1d8+2, Sv: F6, M: 12) weakened by age and rapidly turning to senility. He wears magical +1 chainmail (the Coat of Horns) that resizes to fit any humanoid wearer between 3 and 12 feet in height. In a chest under his bed is the hoard of the clan, 10,000 cp and 4,000 sp.

52. Impromptu Crypt. A pair of dead throghrin have been pinned to the wall here with massive iron spikes after they were slain by the minotaurs. The heavy warhammer that was used to drive the spikes home still lies on the floor near the doorway. The insides of the bodies have been consumed by a furry brown fungus and anyone who disturbs them will release a cloud of fungal spores that fill the room. Anyone in this cloud takes 1d6 damage and must make a save versus poison to avoid a further 1d6 damage and an illness that makes them nauseous (-2 on all attack rolls, reduce movement rate by 30’ to a minimum of 30’) for 1d4 days or until they are subject to a cure disease spell.