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Circle of Doom Header

I keep wanting to post this map and then don’t do it because I want to stock it first. But I never actually get around to stocking it. I’ve USED it three times now in my games, but always stocking it “on the fly” using random stocking from the various rules we were playing with at the time. Thus, to celebrate Canada Day, I’m finally going to post it here and see if anyone else can do a decent job of turning this map into the awesome it deserves to be.

The map itself is centred around a massive shaft some 70 feet across spanned by four bridges on four different levels. I’ve run it as a rapid delve through four dungeon levels using level-appropriate encounters at each level (appropriate to the dungeon level, not the character level). In other words, it quickly goes from a team of halflings at the beginning to 8 hungry trolls guarding the exit.

The Circle of Doom

The Circle of Doom

The map itself was drawn in a single draft with a regular HB (#2) pencil on plain white paper with a grid on a background sheet, then scanned and contrast-enhanced. It is one of my favourites and I can’t believe I’m only posting it now, well over a year after drawing it.


To make things easier to visualize, I’ve also posted a colour-coded version of this map that indicates which level is which.