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The wastelands of most post-apocalyptic settings is a nightmare to explore – there are those who would rather eat you or at least kill you and take your stuff to be found around every bend, in every polymerized rain forest, and even standing just out of sight behind the great wall of the ancients.

That’s why Jordan Hyram built the bus.

Gamma Terra Blimp by Felix Vega from Heavy Metal Magazine

Gamma Terra Blimp by Felix Vega from Heavy Metal Magazine

Jordan is a mutant human in my oldish-school Gamma World campaign. Ever since our second session, he’s been trying to figure out a safe-ish way to travel above the wastelands. The rest of the players thought this was brilliant and together we decided to transition the game after the adventure they were involved in into a classic exploration-style game where they would travel from location to location finding out about Gamma Terra with the assumption that I would throw together a short episodic adventure at every stop.

Finally this week he managed to get the The Bus to take off. (Also called “the Magic Schoolbus” by two members of the team).

As a plot device, the bus is basically indestructible. However, this is mostly by DM fiat. In actual game terms, the bus’s stats are something like this:

The Magic Schoolbus

  • Power Source: Solar for engines
  • Top Speed:  50 mph
  • Hit Points: 40
  • Armor: Duraplastic AC5
  • Class I Sensor Systems (low-resolution video and audio, vehicular weapons are at -2 to hit)
  • 2 Hardpoints on the bus chassis (front and back), currently without weapon systems
And this is why I love playing with the crew I game with. This wasn’t my idea, the whole idea of getting airborn and exploring (and hopefully helping) Gamma Terra was theirs, and they put in the effort to collect the hardware in game, while we discussed it out of game to make sure I am up to running an episodic adventure game in this style.