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Chateau FaussesFlames Sideview

Chateau FaussesFlames Sideview

Over at Blood of Prokopius, Dave has posted a sideview map of his Chateau Faussesflammes (Castle of Fake Flames in French). I love cutaway / sideview / vertical maps, and this one I love even more because…

Because it takes these Vertical Geomorphs I’ve been drawing as a lark courtesy of the challenge from Jeff Rients, and uses them to bring the awesome. If anything, his blacking out of the fill instead of my crosshatching is even more awesome than the original, particularly for a sideview overview of the dungeon (and is definitely evocative of the first sideview dungeon I was exposed to in the 1981 Moldvay Basic set).

Kudos Dave, I love it!