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Welcome to day 2 of the Great Dyson Interwebz Blackout. Once again I’m posting from a small cafe near my house. Since I’m still webless, I’m keeping this short – so a map! Wish me luck on getting things fixed at home!

The vast majority of the adventures I run involve small dungeons instead of huge ones. However, for some reason, when I started relearning how I map to make these maps that have become synonymous with my blog, I also changed my style to large dungeons – mostly because I feel they do my mapping style justice somehow.

But I love a small dungeon with under a dozen rooms. Something that runs well in an evening assuming the players do other stuff in addition to exploring the dungeon that same night.

The ruins of Corvel on the Mount is made up of 8-10 rooms (depending on how you stock it) and could be seen as actually being a mere four areas with some of the areas being broken up into multiple smaller spaces.

The Ruins of Corvel on the Mount

The Ruins of Corvel on the Mount

The map was drawn in pen on plain white paper with a grid underlay, scanned and contrast-enhanced. As usual, I offer it to the blogosphere to do with as you will in a non-commercial manner as long as you also include credit to me for the map design and link back to my blog.