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And thus we begin day 3 of the Great Dyson Interwebz Blackout. “They” tell me that there will be a technician coming over today between 8 and 5 (gee, let’s not be too precise, eh?) to figure out what’s wrong. In the meantime, here’s another map from the local cafe!

Another “smaller” map today, appropriate for single or two-session adventures.

The Tomb of Urren Tor

The Tomb of Pellen Tor

This map was drawn in black gel pen in my gridded reporter-style moleskine notebook while waiting on the phone for an hour yesterday to talk to someone at my ISP to figure out what’s busted. It was scanned and contrast-enhanced but not otherwise digitally modified.

As with most of my moleskine maps, I’m finding it hard to either keep the grid nice and clear, or to eliminate it completely from the scan. I’ll try rescanning this one and see if I can present a version with the original grid still visible.

Low-Contrast Tomb

Low-Contrast Tomb

The tomb itself has two entrances – the traditional entrance, and one in the ruins where part of the mound above it collapsed, leaving a gap into an old hallway and stairs leading down to the normal entrance. Collapses have also blocked some of the deeper areas of the tomb.