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One of the wonders of the blogosphere is the awesome house rules that accumulate out there. While I don’t use many actual “house rules” in my games, I do use alternate character classes on occasion – some games are run by the book, others are full of alternate classes.

Alternate classes like:

Bards rewritten by Carter Soles to be skill-based and using 2d6-based skills like my rewrite of the thief class.

Bene Gesserit Sisters as a subclass of Cleric from Stuart at Strange Magic – I’ve never actually used these, but I desperately want to run a campaign where they would fit in.

Mountebank from the Hill Cantons, rebuilding the thief subclass to being a semi-magical conman.

Octopus Character Class from the Society of the Torch, Pole and Rope.

Witch Hunters from JB at B/X Blackrazor – another excellent clerical subclass that also takes the place of the ranger for the right campaign setting (great for darker settings).


Of course there are a ton more over at the OSR house rules wiki “Links to Wisdom“, which is also totally worth checking out. The ones listed here are merely my favourites.

Oh, and don’t forget my own character classes!