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Aos, the guy behind the “Metal Earth” RPG blog took the time to promote my blog on his own. But more importantly he got into a bunch of my favourite stuff. But what it really comes down to is a great description of the background behind awesome dungeoneering – putting how I feel into words that I haven’t managed to myself.

…players need to get a groovy dungeon vibe from the referee; the ref’s descriptions, the way he runs encounters and traps; what encounters, traps and dungeon dressing are included in the first place and so on. However, before she can share it, the referee also needs to get this groovy dungeon feeling.

He then goes on to bring the awesome with his own dungeon with map and great background material. Check it out.

Oh, and the name of his blog makes me want to run a totally METAL RPG one of these days. Maybe a wild metal science fiction game. Something I could use this space ship in, for it is metal.

METAL space ship from Heavy Metal Magazine

METAL space ship from Heavy Metal Magazine