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We’re approaching the 500,000 hits point here at A Character For Every Game (about a week away according to my math), and I have some prize support courtesy of the awesome folks over at Q Workshop (the company who’s dice I have adorning the banner image for the blog and the d6 I use as my avatar on a hundred different message boards, blogs and other online media).

Prize support? That means I need some sort of contest!

My first thought was a “do something really cool with one of my dungeon maps” contest, but I was beat to the punch by an awesome contest with the same rules by Matt over at lapsus calumni (who recently changed his blog layout/theme while I wasn’t looking). Actually, go check out his contest because not only is it cool (stock a dungeon) but it is to help support Christian in his awesome zine “Loviatar” and the prize is a subscription to said zine.

So now I’m trying to figure out what to use for my half-million-hits contest. Do I draw a new mini-map and have you guys stock it for prizes (three prizes – Cool Dice & Dice Bag; Cool Dice; Less-Cool-But-Still-Pretty-Damn-Cool Dice), or do I do something else?