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I’m playing a 3.5 game on Tuesday nights with an awesome new crew I’ve never gamed with before (well, all except one who I’ve played one B/X D&D campaign with). The game is rocking, but I fear I’m having too much silly fun for what the rest of the group expects from the game. Thus…

The Letter

So, allow me to preface this with “I’m absolutely loving this game”.

Would everyone / anyone else here find the game more enjoyable if I took it a little more seriously? I occasionally look at my antics and think that I am breaking some of the genre conventions and having silly fun at the cost of awesome and/or serious fun.

For instance, I can go back to using my armour spikes without referencing my acidic codpiece. I can stop making cheese the patron saint of psionic carnage. I can also stop encouraging the monk to kill things with his eyebrow attacks. In other words, I can try to hold more true to the genre conventions of traditional fantasy instead of playing goofy with my cheesy character.

And on that note, I want to once again semi-apologize for the cheese factor of Thurvec. I’m normally not a cheese-builder, I’m usually a finesse & support player (rogues & clerics, especially clerics with a few levels of rogue to represent their organized religion background), but somehow the thought of laying out 3d8+6d6+7 damage really got to me.

And I am enjoying the game immensely.