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After my open letter yesterday, the group all encouraged me to stick with the strange cheese-laden antics of my half-giant. Cheese is his roleplaying gimmick – in addition to being a cheesy damage-dealing monster, I equipped him with many pounds of cheese when I rolled him up and he spends an inordinate amount of his treasure on acquiring more curdy consumables.

Pathfinder Assassin Vine

Pathfinder Assassin Vine

Anyways, the end result was an astounding “yes” to my cheesy antics and general fun, and I proceeded to crack jokes, make cheesy smells and otherwise be an incredible menace in last night’s game as we got one of our party members reincarnated (as a halfling rogue/wizard this time instead of an elf) and went off on a quest to pay for said reincarnation.

Then our party of five level five characters met a wandering monster. An assassin vine. CR 3. The party got so obsessed dealing with the entangling vines around them, that by the time they noticed that Thurvec was being grappled and strangled to death, he was nearly dead. End result? Dropped to zero (and then negative) hit points not once, but THREE times – the final time being when they finally killed the damn thing and Thurvec fell 40 feet out of the tree onto another party member.

Hitting the ground would have dealt 3d6 damage + 1d6 subdual. But a keen dwarf attempted to interpose himself between the mossy soil and the rapidly approaching -8 hit point Thurvec. The end result was Thurvec landing on a hard full-plate armoured dwarf instead of the nice soft ground. Fortunately the cleric had readied an action to use his cure ray as soon as Thurvec fell into range, so after the impact he was down to… zero hit points again.