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Hey folks, remember how I keep telling y’all to grab my maps and do something awesome (albeit non-commercial) with them? Yeah, that whole gentleman’s agreement of “have fun and be awesome with my shit” that I post with some of my maps? It’s not just for the old-schoolers.

Roving Band of Misfits Banner

The awesome 4e blog “Band of Misfits” has taken up the challenge of stocking one of my smaller maps and has posted it as a 2 page 4th edition Dungeons & Dragons mini-dungeon.

Not only did he take “The Crypt of Titch” and write it up as a 4e mini-delve, but he upped the play one step and made it “level agnostic” – each monster is listed by type and the DM grabs something of the appropriate level and type and reskins it to suit the encounter and level of his party.

Check out his take on the Crypt of Titch here.

Secret Crypts of Titch

Secret Crypts of Titch