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The Combat Computer from Dragon Magazine issue 74 was an essential tool when playing AD&D1e by the book (as opposed to playing it the way we did as teens, which was basically 1981 B/X D&D with all the cool options taken from the AD&D1e rules and ditching stuff like weapon speeds, weapon vs AC tables, segments and all that jazz*).

I keep telling people that 1e isn’t really “my game”, but because of my old school cred, people keep inviting me to 1e games. But I don’t have a copy of the Combat Computer anymore, and the one in the Dragon Magazine CDRom archive is blurry and I swear it is slightly off scale, making it difficult to assemble properly.

So I went out looking for a better electronic version of it. With no luck.

Has anyone in the OSR put together a nice clean PDF of this device so we can print them at home and get back to hitting orcs?


* If you want to play AD&D1e the way we played it back then, Labyrinth Lord’s Advanced Edition Companion pretty much sums up how it worked to a T.