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After the Bomb 2Right off the bat, the character creation for our After the Bomb game goes pear-shaped. One of the new animal types in the game are some special mutant “pure breeds” that tend to remain quite consistent within the specific animal stock instead of the wild mutants that most characters end up as.

One of these is the dreaded Spider-Goat (a joke not only seen in Mutant Future), but that’s not what we’re getting (yet). Oh no, why have something brutally post-apocalyptic like a goad with 8 spider legs when you can get…

Joe, who is a big man, pulls out the dice and gets a purebreed rabbit as his creature type. Thing is, there is only one kind of rabbit purebreed. The “Pleasure Bunny”. Pleasure Bunnies look like pure humans, but with extra sexy. And pheromones.

So Joe is Sleazy P, mutant greaser sex-bunny with long, floppy ears. He then spends his extra Bio-E on being extra pretty, and being able to paralyze targets psionically from a distance. But really, it’s all about the pretty and the ability to spray sexy pheromones about.

He then takes the whole sex bomb thing one step too far, and picks up some demolitions skill. Sleazy P the Sex Bomb Bunny, now played with the voice of Barry White. I shit you not. I wish I had a recording of Joe doing the Barry White thing, as a mutant rabbit. So half Barry White, half Buggs Bunny.

So we have an incredibly good looking (Appearance 35) greaser sex-bunny with an old .357 magnum and a can opener who has just wandered into town from the wastelands. Turns out the gun is more there as a prop to make him look dangerous than for fighting. Sleazy P is the kind of rabbit that screams like a girl and runs for the hills (or to hide behind the toughest chick in the team) when the violence begins.

He almost feels like a deadEarth character, except he survived chargen and isn’t dominated by his mutated yeast infection.