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So the rest of the team of mutants is now ready to roll along with Joe’s sex-bomb-bunny.

And yet it still feels like a bad idea. A really bad idea.

We have the necessary ninja – Suzette – a striped black and red cat with a serious catnip addiction (I’m not kidding, it’s a drawback she picked up from the rules that means she cannot resist the nip, and suffers penalties when she’s under the influence of good old nepata catari). A big ninja kitty, mind you. At Size Level 13, she’s 344 pounds and 7’3″ tall. With a katana, shurikens and martial arts training.

Uberspike is a strange mutant porcupine of immense size with extensive military training. At Size Level 16, he’s over over 8 feet tall and weighs in at 590 pounds. His immense strength means that his quills are not just dangerous, but are quite deadly (1d6+12 damage per quill thrown or melee, and 4d6+12 damage with a body slam melee attack).

And what group of TMNT characters would be complete without the way too popular ferret with it’s enhanced metabolism? How about we make that ferret 3’5″, a whopping 27 pounds, make it faster than snot during the worst mid-summer colds, and give it telepathy, telekinetic hands and arms, and the ability to implant hypnotic suggestions. It’s the psychic mind-weasel!

Ah… the power of random tables.