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This was another fun map to draw – mostly because I drew it at a scale that invited me to add in all kinds of fiddly bits. I tend to do this with smaller maps. In this case, the map is only of roughly 5 areas / rooms, and you can get some ideas as to each one just by looking at the map.

Anverson's Well

Anverson's Well

Anverson’s Well is a mini-dungeon map I drew for a game where I wanted the classic “secret door in the well” trick to actually go somewhere vaguely interesting, without it being the back door to the local megadungeon.

Here the secret door leads to a rough tunnel and caves that have been partially enlarged by hand. The area is in poor repair, with one door smashed to pieces long ago, and never repaired or replaced.

As usual, feel free to have fun with this map in your games – or on your blog! If you stock it, please let me know and I’ll promote it here!