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Carver’s Cave was converted into a secret fortress by a group of bandits decades ago, but with their dissolution (most probably due to internal strife) the cave and their fortress was forgotten. Now something strange and insectile has moved in and converted the back of the cavern into a bizarre hive.

But now it has become known that the signet ring of Count Moreland was among the treasures that the bandits stole and research has pointed to their excavations in Carver’s Cave as their home. Thus a hardy band of adventurers is required to find the cave and then find the fortress and the lost ring.

Cavern of the Hive

Cavern of the Hive

The fortress remains unexpored by the hive. But as soon as the residents of the hive detect the smell of the encroaching adventurers, they will track them to the fortress and attempt to repel them from the caves entirely. Even if the adventurers do keep these strange and massive insects at bay, they will discover sooner or later (through the diary of the commander of the bandits) that he stored his most valuable loot in the depths of the cave, where he felt it was safe from his own gang.

This map was drawn free hand using a 0.5mm gel pen on plain white paper (from the dollar store) in a single draft over roughly 90 minutes.

As usual for my maps, this map is the copyright of Dyson Logos but is released with a gentleman’s agreement for you to use this map in your own blog and stock it as you please in your choice of systems. You cannot use this in any other form of publication except for your own blog, and you must credit me for the map along with a link to my blog. Tell me about it, and I’ll try to pimp your reuse of my map here too.