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Challenge of the Frog Idol

Challenge of the Frog Idol

In the four months I was gone from the interwebs (falling in love & getting surgery – pretty much in that order), hopefully you all finally downloaded and used / adapted / mangled The Challenge of the Frog Idol.

But I know you slackers are probably as lousy at following through on the awesome as I am, so I’m here to remind you of this adventure I wrote for JB’s Fat Frog Challenge. (It can’t all be bad, after all it won the challenge).

But not only JB and I think it is made of awesome. Check out this review I just spotted over on RPGGeek – it is epic and awesome and really highlights what I was going for when writing this thing out.

Oh, and the flavour text of the review is epic.

Black Leaf knew that something was terribly wrong the moment she set foot on the island. The muddy swamp soil that clung to her boots was the colour of greasy half-cooked sausage; the humid air was suddenly thick with the cloying odour of the charnel house; and most ominously of all, no birds were to be heard where only moments before the swamp had echoed with eerie birdsong.

It was only when the ground moved that Black Leaf realised that she wasn’t standing on an island of solid rock, but rather… a floating barge of impossible size where the dead were lashed to the dead with wicker and mud, a hellish vessel gravid with undead crocodiles who even now slithered forth from the foetid hold to drag the thief down, down, down…