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The River CaveAnother map drawn on a standard index card this week. The river cave is a nice small dungeon, the way I usually use dungeons in my D&D campaigns (a dozen keyed areas or fewer). It can be used on it’s own, or you add a stairwell down in the cave in the lower right hand side and use it as a level in a larger dungeon.

I really enjoyed these index card maps because the smaller number of rooms makes me push harder to make them feel interesting and unique – adding more detail to my drawing and emphasizing the layout design that I normally use anyways.

As indicated, this map was drawn freehand on a standard index card, using a black pen (not a gel pen this time, just a nice liquid ink roller ball).

The River Cave

The River Cave

Also this week, I’ll be announcing the arrival of a new poster here on A Character For Every Game. Since I’ve pretty much focused on the mapping part of the blog instead of the actual name of the blog, I’m bringing in the AWESOME with someone else writing up characters for a bunch of kick-ass free RPGs.

So check in on Monday for the update!