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The original goal for this blog was to create a character for every RPG I own. Somewhere along the way it became a general RPG blog, and then based on popular response, the whole thing became focused on my map-making.

Then I got an email to go check out what Jensan has been doing. He used to be the host of another RPG blog called Rustfoot which he no longer updates. But he’s been making characters for all kinds of free RPGs.

Better than that, he’s doing it in an uber-cool way, drawing up the character sheets himself with commentary right on the sheet as he goes (or using the character sheet that came with the game).

So, without further ado, Jensan will be posting these awesome free RPG characters here for your enjoyment.

The first of such is for the Dead… and Back RPG by Chainsaw Aardvark.

Dead...and Back

"Dead...and Back" by Chainsaw Aardvark