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Drewer was a magos of the machine cult who died long ago. Somewhere south of town a set of caves still bears his name as they are on what was once his estate – now long reclaimed by the wilderness.

Drewer’s Cave is still inhabited by the nasty wildlife of the region – mostly large carnivorous insects and lizards – but is also home to darker secrets. Somewhere within the cave is an entrance to a deeper structure, one made by man, or at least something man-like.

Drewer's Cave

Drewer's Cave

Drewer’s Cave was drawn in pen in my Moleskine reporter-style gridded notebook in a single draft. As usual, it is posted here for you to use and abuse under the gentleperson’s agreement that you can post your usage of it to your blog (but not for any other commercial or noncommercial project except for personal use) with how you used it (such as stocking it for whatever system you are playing). Point me to your blog post about it, and I’ll try to promote it here too!