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Oathbreaker's HallSomewhere in the hills north east of Coruvon are various dwarven structures, both subterranean and the occasional one that stands out in the hills and mountains. Most of them were the homes, mines or meeting of various minor dwarven clans and families of the massive dwarven city-mine of Kuln.

It is believed that all are now abandoned by their Dwarven kin – most were lost in the defense of Kuln, while others were abandoned after the fall of Kuln when the flow of commerce down the IronFlow ground to a halt.

Oathbreaker’s Hall was both a minor stronghold and a meeting hall. Officially it was the meeting hall for the heads of a few minor families who held grudges against the rulers of Kuln (and there are rumours that some of these families were instrumental in the fall of the mine-city), but it was also the home to the last members of a small clan that was exiled and nearly destroyed from their ancestral home long before traveling to the outskirts of Kuln. The original clan name of this family was long ago struck from the records, and they were known as the Oathbreakers.

Druhvel Oathbreaker and a few of his kin lived in this subterranean hall in secret, not only hosting the meetings of the hostile minor families, but quietly fomenting revolt. The Alabaster Oracle of Coruvon has dropped hints through the years since that Druhvel saw little actual success from his efforts at undermining the local dwarven clans, and finally may have been the one responsible for the assault on Kuln that lead to it’s destruction.

While none expect that Druhvel still lives, let alone lives in Oathbreaker’s Hall, finding the hall should provide clues as to the fall of Kuln and what families were involved with the Oathbreakers – and perhaps even clues to where the remaining members of the Oathbreakers clan now resides.

Oathbreaker's Hall

Oathbreaker's Hall

Oathbreaker’s Hall was drawn in 0.7mm black gel pen in my moleskine notebook in a single draft.