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Regional Map of Lake VelthI don’t post a lot of regional maps on here because I’m just not happy with my mapping style for these maps when compared to my dungeon maps.

This was a map I doodled together during a waiting room visit to some medical professional or another. I’ve got a better one I put together for my Saber Lake campaign that I drew later the same day that I’ll post up soon. Probably before Sunday, which happens to be the next installment of the aforementioned Saber Lake campaign (a D&D 3.5 campaign – it seems so much easier to get a 3.5 group together than to get a B/X group on the fly, although my girlfriend is now a full on convert to B/X!)

Regional Map of Lake Velth

Regional Map of Lake Velth

Circles are towns and cities, the house on the road near the south end of the map is an inn of some kind. I’m not sure what the thing in the clearing in the southern woods is – probably a big pond, maybe a small island in a small lake? And there’s a big-ass monument at the fork in the river, and some caves in the mountains and badlands to the north.