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The Desert TombThis Friday we find ourselves exploring the Dry Reaches in order to locate the Ziggurat of Mur – however along the journey instead we found an ancient, forgotten tomb dedicated to the memory of some hero of these lands – a great sorcerer-priest of the desert tribes who’s name is even lost to the sands of time.

I like this map because it has multiple regions with multiple exits (well, multiple entrances too, but they are unlikely to be found by most initially at least). At first exploration it consists of only an outdoor platform with statues and columns and a single room cut into the mesa. Beyond the various secret doors, however, are tombs and caves awaiting exploration, and perhaps exploitation.

Personally, I’m going to use it as a bandit base in the southern areas with the bandits having secured / sealed off the trap door between their areas and the tombs proper, which will still be crawling with various dried up nasty undead.

The Desert Tomb

The Desert Tomb

The Desert Tomb was drawn using a 0.5mm gel pen in my off-white 4×6 dollar store notebook in a single draft, scanned and contrast-enhanced with the Gimp.