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The Village of Hommlet

The Village of Hommlet

Besides the retro feel of them, what’s the appeal of the old blue TSR maps?

I recently pulled out the classic T1 module to use good old Hommlet as the base for a combo adventure involving both the classic moathouse as well as Dyson’s Delve.

It took me about three minutes into the game before I went digging for my copy of the Temple of Elemental Evil just so I would have a nice high-contrast black and white map of the village to work from. My old eyes just can’t cope with the low-contrast blue used in those “classic” maps.

It works better in dungeons I guess, where there’s enough blue to form a higher contrast, but using it for the village itself was a mistake, IMO. I’ve also tried running my own maps through in classic blue, but I don’t like the result because my cross-hatching isn’t solid enough to provide the contrast required. Again, it works best with a solid blue background instead of a mix of blue and white.

So, why do you hate my eyes? Am I just too old for this shit, or are there other appeals to the blue maps that I just don’t get?