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This post completes the catacombs of Erdea Manor – leaving only the bottom level of the family crypts to post (areas 70-77)

Erdea Manor - Catacombs

Erdea Manor – Catacombs

82. The Well. The combination of energies of death within the catacombs and the healing power of the waters from the lake above which are the source of this well’s water have resulted in a strange darkness living deep within the hole that was once a backup water supply. This dark water elemental (AC:2, HD:8, hp:46, Mv:60 (20), Att:1, Dmg:1d8, Sv:F8, M10) will only attack if disturbed. It deals +1d8 damage to anyone touching or in water, and anyone dealt damage by it must make a saving throw versus spells or be affected by a bane spell (the reverse of the clerical bless spell).

83. Steel Remains. Pinned to the west wall of this cavern by four iron spears is an odd skeleton. It appears almost typical of human remains, except that all the bones are made of steel.

84. Rocks Fall. The entrance to this chamber off the side of the complex is weakened by age. Each person entering the chamber has a 1 in 6 chance of triggering the collapse of the entranceway and partial collapse of the chamber itself. All in the entranceway and the chamber must make saving throws versus petrification or suffer damage. Those in the room suffer 1d12, those in the entranceway suffer 3d12. The collapse will block passage from the chamber to the complex except to halfling-sized or smaller characters. Clearing the rubble will take 1d4 turns. And of course the collapse will call forth a wandering monster.

85. Fungal Ruins. This cave is thick with foul smelling fungus, including 5 shriekers (AC:7, HD:3, Mv:9 (3), Att:nil, Sv:F1, M:12).

86. The Flayer. The spectral remains of Hevroth Erde the First (AC:2, HD:6**, hp:36, Mv:150 (50), Fly:300 (100), Att:1, Dmg: 1d8 + 2 level drain, Sv:F6, M:11) haunt this cavern, although he occasionally tours much of this level. When slain, his black teeth scatter to the ground, a full dozen 250gp obsidian gems.

87. Secret Chamber. Within this secret chamber is the remaining treasures of the flayer. The secret door is raised four feet above floor level of the cave outside the room, and is triggered by a catch at the top of the door. Four massive urns are inside, each sealed with wax. The first contains wine, now long sour. The second contains 10,000sp. The third conatains 4,000gp. The final urn contains the decomposed and broken body of the Flayer himself, Hevroth Erde the First, along with Hevroth’s Ring, a silver ring that is perpetually tarnished black, set with a ruby. The wearer of the ring can cast Hold Monster twice per day and Charm Person once per day.

88. Darkest Hole. Here the tortured souls of those flayed and slain by Hevrorth Erde the First congregate in the deepest and darkest part of the catacombs. All told there are 11 shadows in this cave, hiding in the darkness (AC:7, HD:2+2, hp:11, 9, 11, 15, 14, 11, 11, 13, 15, 13, 10, Mv:90 (30), Att:1, Dmg:1d4 + 1 Strength drain, Sv:F2, M:10)

89. Mist Widows. Three more mist widows have built a colony here (AC:6, HD:3*, hp:14, 10, 15, Mv:60 (20) / 120 (40) in web, Att:1, Dmg:2d6 + poison, Sv:F2, M:8). Within their webs at the back of the cave is the body of a dwarf still wearing his Chain Mail +1 and carrying a Battle Axe +1, +2 versus goblins. His pack contains adventuring gear and 72gp.

90. Nobles of Ancient Erde. This natural cavern is the lair of 5 powerful and ancient Erde ghouls (AC:5, HD:4*, hp:21, 17, 22, 23, Mv:90 (30), Att:3, Dmg:1d3 + Paralysis x 3, Sv:F4, M:8). They are antagonistic to the Flayer, but stay out of his way because they understand his great power. Each wears a piece of jewelry denoting their ancient noble lineage – a gold torc (1,200 gp), a silver medallion (400 gp), a jeweled ring (900 gp), a silver bracer inlayed with gold (1,200 gp) and a platinum diadem (600 gp), in addition to the diadem, the strongest of the ghouls is also carrying his ancient blade, a short sword +2, +4 versus humans that glows with the light of a torch when unsheathed. In the two alcoves on the west side of the cavern are the remains of their prior meals, including 3,000cp, and 2,000ep.