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It’s December First and I thought it was time to give a general update of what’s up with me, the site and the books.

Dyson’s Dodecahedron (the Blog)

The blog itself has been through a few changes since it was launched in March of 2009. Initially it was called (and most of you still link to it as) A Character For Every Game, but I long ago let that project slide to the wayside. I’m not sure when I actually went ahead and changed the name of the blog to Dyson’s Dodecahedron (sometime this year, probably late summer), but it encapsulates my love for the d12 and also reminds people (and myself) about the zine I put out a few issues of.

The site draws in slightly under 1,000 hits a day. 20% of those hits come from search engines, 10% from links on other sites, and the remaining 70% have no referrer, so they are most likely coming back again and again from bookmarks.

What really boggles me though is that total number of hits listed down on the lower right corner of each page (just below the archival links on the right column). As of this morning I’m over 900,000 visitors – which means I might be able to make a million hits in time for the 4th birthday of the blog.


Dyson’s Delves (the Books)

The first try at putting together my own book for LuLu had a few… rough spots. I’ve had to rebuild the layout a bit, upgrade some graphics, rescan some images, and then repackage the whole thing and put it back together for LuLu to send me a new proof. It still won’t be perfect, but I’ve learned a lot on this run and the books will still be awesome.

One of the things I learned though, is that 6″ x 9″ is not the size I was thinking of in my head when I started this project. The next books I put together will all be standard paperback size, and if I ever reissue Dyson’s Delves, it will also be in said format.

In the meantime, Dyson’s Delves should be available in the next week or two from LuLu. It’ll be announced here when it goes public. There are two editions going up (both over 150 pages) –  one “Deluxe Edition” casewrapped hardcover that I’m limiting to 100 copies, and one paperback edition. I’ll be putting every penny earned from the Deluxe Edition specifically towards my internet bills so I can stop posting this stuff from the local library.

Dyson’s Dodecahedron (the ‘Zine)

One of the things I finished off for Dyson’s Delves is Erdea Manor, so I should get issue 5 of the zine together soon. Then I may or may not go back to it in the future. As it stands, most of my writing is going into the books I’m putting together – and although much of it will appear as blog articles along the way, putting it into both a zine format and a book format seems to be a lot of extra handling along the way.

So unfortunately, no promises regarding the continuation of the Zine at this point.

More Books?!

Yeah, I thought I’d try to slip that by up there. There will be more books after Delves is finally shelf-ready. I’ve got the manuscript and layout 90% done for Magical Theorems & Dark Pacts – a Labyrinth Lord compatible treatise on magic that currently sits at 224 pages, adding a lot of new spellcasting classes while not violating the basic ethos of B/X by keeping to a dozen spells or less at each caster level. I’m also hoping to put together some other books in the future to make it so I can keep affording my internets once the first rush on the Delves is done.