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Hey, it’s the last post for Erdea Manor! Now I just have to go into the Erdea Manor page  and update it so it has links to all the articles in the relevant order.

So here we go, with the bottom level of the family crypts.

(Note – there are no wandering monsters in areas 70 through 77)

70. Guardians of Erde. The stone door between this room and area 62 is locked, but can easily be opened from this side (there is no key). A pair of iron living statues (AC:2, HD:4, hp:16, 26, Mv:30 (10), Att: 2, Dmg:1d8/1d8, Sv:F4, M:11 – attackers with non-magical metal weapons must save vs spells or the weapon becomes stuck) stand eternal vigil at the doors, and the remains of a third stands where it was slain ages past.

71. Preparatory Chamber. This chamber was for preparing the deceased for entombment. There are jars of ointments and strange embalming tools on the old tables and shelves.

72. Antechamber. This room was a place to put aside weapons and to cleanse oneself before visiting the tomb of the lost brothers. In the centre of the room is a shallow depression magically filled with water. Anyone putting the water directly from the pool to a wound (or someone wounded who enters the water) suffers an additional 1d8 damage as the water erupts into flames around the wound. Carrying the water out of the pool prevents this effect.

73. Tomb of the lost brothers. The north, south and west walls of this chamber each have a stone sarcophagus built into them. Each sarcophagus is carved with the likeness of an adult human in plate mail bearing shields with the Erde family crest. The middle sarcophagus is cracked and shows signs that it has been opened at some point through the use of heavy tools. All three sarcophagi are empty, and anyone breaking into either of the two unopened ones must save vs spells or suffer a curse rolled on the following table (1d4) (each removable with the spell remove curse):

  • 1. Re-roll character’s prime requisite on 3d6
  • 2. Healing is only half as effective as normal (natural and magical)
  • 3. Lose spellcasting ability
  • 4. Polymorphed into a spider

74. Gelatinous Cube. This curved corridor and the two side corridors to the east and west are swept perfectly clean by a gelatinous cube (AC:8, HD:4*, hp:21, Mv:60 (20), Att:1, Dmg:2d4+paralysis, Sv:F2, M:12).

75. Tomb of Helvos Erde III. The iron door to this tomb is sealed with a level 8 Wizard Lock spell, and thus will most likely require the use of a knock spell to get past. Within is a small chamber lit by two continual light spells on iron globes suspended on chains from the ceiling. Between the globes is a stone plinth supporting a black iron casket with three steel locks. Once the first lock is picked, Helvos will make his appearance to prevent the desecration of his tomb – he is now a wraith (AC:3, HD:4*, hp: 27, Mv:120 (40), Fly:240 (80), Att:1, Dmg:1d6 + energy drain, Sv: F4, M:12) and rests within the stone plinth under his casket. Within the casket is the embalmed corpse of Helvos Erde III, along with his golden chain of office as a magister of the empire (1,400 gp value) and a silver dagger decorated with gems on the pommel (800 gp value). There is a locked coffer at the feet of the corpse, protected by a poison needle. Within the coffer are a Potion of Control Animal, a Potion of Levitation, a Scroll of Protection from Lycanthropes, and a Scroll of Fireball.

76. “Trapped” Skeletons. This chamber is separated from hallway 74 by a portcullis of heavy and pitted iron bars. Behind the bars are a the skeletons of what appear to be a dozen or more men at arms in the remnants of their armour and weapons. Two are still clutching at the bars as if they died trying to lift the portcullis to escape. In total there are 16 skeletons in this chamber which will only spring to animation if someone joins them in their prison (AC:7, HD:1, hp: 6, 7, 8, 4, 4, 3, 5, 5, 8, 1, 6, 4, 7, 4, 2, 2, Mv:60 (20), Att:1, Dmg:1d6, Sv:F1, M:12).

77. Tomb of Huhren Erde the Wise. This tomb has been plundered, the sarcophagus split assunder and bones scattered across the floor. Smashed urns are in the two back corners of the room.