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Dyson's DelvesWith the latest revision at the printer and *almost* ready for public release, I thought it would be time to start telling you what you will be getting in your copy of Dyson’s Delves.

As promised, the limited-edition hardcover “I’m paying for Dyson’s Internet” version includes one additional fully stocked dungeon that doesn’t appear in the softcover edition and won’t ever appear on the blog.

I drew a new map for the Twisted Halls of Mornard’s Revenge and stocked it for level 8-9 characters who are seeking a great blade to further their destinies as they hit name level. There are in fact two swords in the dungeon, one good (Mornard’s) and one fell (the sword of the demon that tore apart Mornard’s soul before Mornard killed it).

The adventure includes several new monsters and magic items, and compresses a lot of high level risk (well, high-level for old-school play at least where few parties exceeded name level) into a nice small (and twisted) package.

I like to think of it as a miniature Temple of Elemental Evil.

Yours along with a lot of other content for $40 – I’ll post when it comes available.