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Epherin's KeepEpherin’s Keep has seen better days. The stairs to the keep door are badly damaged and cracked from age, winters, and war. The keep itself is in poor repair, and were it not for the dungeons beneath also having access to the bottom of Beggar’s Rift, no one would care about it at all.

The map is divided into three parts.

  • The top left is the keep proper, with no detail of the grounds, but instead focusing on the building of the keep and the stairs leading up to it. In the centre of the keep is a spiral staircase leading down to the dungeons beneath the structure.
  • The bottom of the map is the dungeons under the keep, with the spiral staircase leading up to the keep, and a pair of barred and secured double doors leading down into the caverns below.
  • The upper right portion of the map is the caverns below the keep and dungeons with both stairs leading up to the dungeons, and a passageway to the north, leading to the bottom of Beggar’s Rift – a tear in the earth just north of the keep.
Epherin's Keep

Epherin’s Keep