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Little is known of the origins of the flesh craft, but the results of ancient masters of the art can be found in those areas where humanity and its ilk are but rarely seen – half-bestial monstrosities, flesh golems, and chimerical crosses between monsters.

From the perspective of the fleshcrafters, the living bodies of creatures can be improved upon or even redesigned entirely.

Fleshcrafter Table 1

The prime requisites for fleshcrafters is Intelligence (to master the arcane magics) and Constitution (to sense and understand the complexities of the living form). A fleshcrafter with Intelligence of 13 and Constitution of 11 receives a 5% bonus to earned experience, while having an Intelligence of 16 and a Constitution of 13 receives a 10% bonus.

Fleshcrafter Table 2

Fleshcraft is an unusual form of magic with a few changes from standard spells. All fleshcraft spells require that the caster touch the target even if the spell normally has a range other than touch; the spell’s range is changed to touch when a fleshcrafter casts it. Spells that normally have multiple targets can only be cast on a single target – for example Hold Monster can only be cast in the single target version, and requires the fleshcrafter to touch the target. The effects of fleshcraft are not removable with a simple dispel magic spell – they can be reversed with spells such as heal, regenerate and limited wish however, or by another fleshcrafter casting the same spell on the target with the specific intent of removing the fleshcrafting – this is treated identically to casting dispel magic, including the chance of failure when trying to reverse the craftings of a higher level fleshcrafter.

Fleshcrafter Table 3

Unlike most spellcasters, fleshcrafters do not have to prepare their spells each day. Instead, fleshcrafters only know a very limited number of applications of their art (spells) and can select from these spells when casting spells as they wish. Unlike wizards and most other casters of non-clerical magic, fleshcrafters cannot learn new spells except when indicated on the table above (fleshcrafter spells known).

For example: Gurathrex is a level 7 fleshcrafter. As such, he can cast 5 level 1 spells, 4 level 2 spells and 2 level 1 spells each day. He knows 3 level 1 spells, 2 level 2 spells and a single level 3 spell. Whenever he needs to cast a spell, he checks if he has any spellcastings of that level still available. If so, he can cast a spell of that level from the spells he knows.

Further, fleshcrafter spells can only be cast on living creatures, and even then with some limitations. Fleshcraft spells cannot be cast on creatures native to other planes of existence, on elementals, undead or ooze-type creatures (such as green slime and black puddings). The one exception to these rules is constructs made of flesh, which the fleshcrafter can manipulate as a living being.

At levels 6, 12 and 18 a fleshcrafter gains the “Unfamiliar Flesh” ability and can select one of the following types of creatures that he can then cast his spells on – either oozes, undead, or extraplanar creatures (or all three once he reaches level 18). In all cases the creatures must still be organic and fleshy – so a fleshcrafter could never successfully cast a spell on an elemental, a skeleton or an ooze composed of lava or a similar substance.

Spells not in the core rules will be posted over the next few days.

Level 1 Fleshcrafter Spells

  • Cure Minor Wounds
  • Hold Person
  • Light Armour
  • Natural Weapon
  • Quills
  • Resist Cold

Level 2 Fleshcrafter Spells

  • Cure Disease
  • Cure Light Wounds
  • Haste
  • Resist Fire
  • Strength
  • Water Breathing

Level 3 Fleshcrafter Spells

  • Grace
  • Greater Natural Weapon
  • Infravision
  • Major Armour
  • Merge with Weapon
  • Pain

Level 4 Fleshcrafter Spells

  • Fly
  • Cure Serious Wounds
  • Hold Monster
  • Polymorph Others
  • Polymorph Self
  • Toughness

Level 5 Fleshcrafter Spells

  • Body of Spines
  • Cure Critical Wounds
  • Neutralize Poison
  • Statue
  • Unravel Flesh

 Level 6 Fleshcrafter Spells

  • Craft Flesh Beast
  • Lashing Tendrils
  • Reincarnation
  • Remove Face
  • Stone To Flesh

Level 7 Fleshcrafter Spells

  • Clone
  • Heal
  • Regenerate
  • Shape Change