I love these things. The dice are really cool, but I’ll be honest, my favourite part are the cards. The cards are 2.5 x 2.5 inch dungeon geomorph segments that mesh perfectly with my own that you can download from the geomorphs page here.

Also, if you buy DungeonMorph stuff (dice, cards, etc), a part of the revenue is shared out to those of us who contributed to the project. So that’s a bit of money in my pocket, and the pockets of a bunch of cool-as-hell bloggers too.

Dyson’s Delves

I got the confirmation that the proof for the revised Dyson’s Delves is in the mail, and I should have it by Friday. If it is even passably good, I’ll put the books up for sale as soon as I get it – so hopefully the news will be out on Friday or Saturday.

Fingers crossed!

Site Updates

Finally, I went around the site updating a few of the pages that help everyone navigate through the 700+ posts over the 4 years of the blog. So I’ve updated the Maps, House Rules and Erdea Manor pages.