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Rumsolt's RetreatRumsolt was a local baron during the great war, and was said to maintain a small fortified underground complex nearby that was built by a clan of dwarves allied to his cause against the elves.

The retreat saw little use during his reign, and baron Rumsolt was slain during a pitched battle of mystical forces that razed his keep and most of the nearby town. The dwarven clan sealed up the retreat soon thereafter, until it was found and plundered not a dozen years ago.

Rumour has it that the group responsible for plundering the retreat destroyed the great stone doors that hid it, thus allowing other less wholesome creatures to move in and take up residence there.

The map of Rumsolt’s Retreat was drawn with a 0.5mm black gel pen on a scrap piece of paper I was using as a bookmark in The Cold Commands, an awesome fantasy novel by Richard K Morgan.

Rumsolt's Retreat

Rumsolt’s Retreat

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