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Kevan's DepthsA series of twisting caverns descend into the hills near Kevan’s Ford. Known as Kevan’s Depths, these caverns have been home to rebellious partisan fighters, wandering morlocks, a tribe of goblins, and even used as a secret storehouse for Kevan’s Ford during times of war.

However, in recent years the population of Kevan’s Ford has fallen down to a few dozen people who mostly work in and around Kevan’s Roadhouse and the caverns have been abandoned and mostly forgotten, being nearly an hour’s walk into the brush south of the ford.

But obviously the caverns didn’t forget Kevan’s Ford. When the party approaches Kevan’s Ford, the roadhouse is abandoned, the people slain. And the trail of death leads back to the caverns…

Is the party brave (or foolhardy) enough to find out what is behind the rampage?

Kevan's Depths

Kevan’s Depths

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