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So, I’ve got partial work done on three different RPGs, and I should really focus on one, get it done, and then move on instead of sitting here paralyzed by indecision (on the upside, indecision means I keep working on my Labyrinth Lord compatible stuff).

Running the Edge

The first is a CyberPunk-styled game more in line with the CyberPunk RPG than Geodesic Gnomes (my 24 hour cyberpunk-styled RPG) – so more gear, cybernetics and guns. I could definitely rebuild this as a pocketmod RPG based on the structure I used for that half-complete fantasy RPG I put together for the 48 hr RPG challenge a few years ago. One booklet for each skill set, one booklet for gun toys, one booklet for cybernetics, etc. So something like a dozen pocketmod booklets for the game.

Espionage ’88

This spy RPG was birthed as a plain old direct rip of Top Secret with a few additions taken from Top Secret / SI. I could simplify it by moving from percentiles to d20’s (divide everything by 5!) and again the whole thing could be diced up nicely into a series of pocketmods, or kept as a more traditional RPG in the 6″ x 9″ format I used for Dyson’s Delves.


The goal of Old School Mercenaries is to be a small-unit oriented military RPG that uses the old school mechanics ported almost directly from Labyrinth Lord but adding in a lot of skill sets and mechanics for more detail for surprise, tracking, trap setting, and handling NPCs in the heat of combat. This would be released as a set of 2 or 3 6″ x 9″ softcover booklets.

So, where should I be putting my non-fantasy efforts?