Merry Christmas and belated Yule to all, I won’t be posting again for a few days due to the usual holiday insanity.

That said, I wanted to post a thank you to everyone again for buying in on Dyson’s Delves, my first foray into supporting my blogging habits through the commercialization of my works. I’ve sold somewhat more than 60 copies of Dyson’s Delves limited hardcover release – which means there’s less than 40 copies left before I take this book off the market. You’ll still be able to get the “unlimited edition”, but the limited edition contains that one extra adventure that I will never be posting to the blog – The Twisted Halls of Mornard’s Revenge.

So, if you are interested in throwing me some coin towards keeping me online to update this site, and want that name level adventure I wrote too, we are fast approaching the deadline to pick up a copy for yourself.

Meanwhile, back in the land of new stuff instead of pushing the book, I’ve got some pretty cool stuff coming up in the New Year, including working with some awesome other OSR folks (over at Mithril and Mages and Tenkar’s Tavern) to run a contest involving some new maps I’m drawing up for said. So look forward to that!

Plus I have a bunch of geomorphs I need to draw up for that fundraiser that Dave of Dave’s Mapper ran this fall – so expect new geomorphic goodness too!

Anyways, thanks again everyone, and all the season’s best to you!