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Lately I’ve taken to promoting other awesome mapping I’ve run into out in the blogosphere. But one guy that I need to look out for is Matt. You see, Matt maps in a similar style to me, is as prolific as I am, and tends not to disappear for months at a time

That’s right… Matt’s a threat to my mapping dominance – with stuff like Canson’s Crossing, which is not only a great map, but he’s taken the time to detail it with all kinds of awesome fluff as well as encounters. It’s a full sexy little micro dungeon waiting to be exploited.

But he’s not willing to stop there, by outdoing me in every respect. Oh no, that’s not enough for our intrepid mapper. He is also a source of incredibly cute maps, small multifunctional maps, and he even publishes PDF collections of maps for your DMing enjoyment! tadpole

Seriously, look how cute this Lair of the Smiling Tadpole is.

The man is a menace! Well, to me anyways.

So, a quest for you my loyal readers, head on over to ..lapsus calumni.. and scout out my opposition to see what other threats he has in store for me. Matt must be stopped or I’ll be forced to improve my game to take him on for dominance of the mapping world. And I’m a lazy bastard, so that doesn’t really appeal to me.

Heck, for true espionage bonus points, you could sneak on over to his RPGnow page and purchase whole collections of his maps. And if you are really feeling like a traitor to the Dodecahedron, there’s even a few free adventures to download there!