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Ok, so I randomly stumbled across a blog that isn’t full of maps, but full of other cool art. And then somewhere along the way I run across this:

heathersouliere_dungeon_map_006_smallI mean… SERIOUSLY. Damn. I lack the words to describe the awesome of Heather Souliere’s maps. That one up there is freakin’ epic. I love the way she fills the space, the use of most the the same stylistic elements that I use, and just… wow. I lack the words to heap praise upon this piece.

She also does dungeons, obviously along the lines of a doodling (but a very nice doodling).

heathersouliere_dungeon_map_007_smallIt’s interesting the way she’s slaved herself entirely to the grid in these dungeon maps – makes me feel like she’s been drawing these more as an exercise than as actual “dungeon design”. Again, I love her full use of the space in the book.

So yeah, go check out Heather Souliere’s Art.

Almost makes me want to pick up some graph paper again. I haven’t drawn a map with a grid in months.