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I love maps. Seriously, I really love maps.

Better than good maps though, are good maps with wicked adventures attached to them. Over the years that I’ve been running this blog and posting what some consider to be good maps, there have been some wicked adventures written by my readers using these same maps.

A Dwarven Fortress, perhaps?

A Dwarven Fortress, perhaps?

But let’s step that all up a bit, alright?

I’ve got some maps that I want you ALL to write adventures, encounters, monsters, traps, or just set pieces about. And then I want to help decide which of these awesome pieces of writing will get original copies of my maps to go home with.

You see, Mark, the awesome guy behind Mithril and Mages, has bought a bunch of my original maps and is GIVING THEM AWAY. That’s right, GIVING THEM AWAY. All you have to do is go over to the Grand Original Map Contest being hosted by Erik at Tenkar’s Tavern, check out the four maps there, and use them. Then tell us about it and the three of us are going to judge the best entries and the winners get the original maps in question.

Rose River

Rose River, home of the Order of The Red Doppelgangers?

So get going and post up your interpretations of these maps. I want more adventures for my games, damnit, and I want YOU to write them!

Because I’m LAZY!