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I’ve been working on some commission pieces for the last while, thus the relative silence on the blog. As part of this, I also took a shot at trying out alternate fills – particularly inspired by some pieces by Gus over at Dungeon of Signs.

Anyways, since I’ve been busy, I let Jen choose which map to scan for today, and she picked Holtor’s Retreat even though neither she nor I are happy with the results of the alternate fill.

Holtor's Retreat

Holtor’s Retreat

Holtor’s Retreat was drawn in a single draft using a cheap-as-hell 0.7mm nib black gel pen on commercial bark-paper in the Oak King (my new mapping book). It was scanned and contrast-enhanced in the Gimp and is presented here for your enjoyment and use in your games and blogs as long as you give me credit and use it exclusively for non-commercial purposes.

Commercial licenses for my work are available upon request.

If you like Holtor’s Retreat and similar maps, check out Dyson’s Delves, a book of my maps and adventures that I sell through LuLu to pay for the time I dedicate to the blog and for the internet connectivity required to do so.