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Seriously, I wouldn’t tell you to do something that I wouldn’t do myself. Don’t collect RPG books – use them. Forget mint condition – mint condition means nothing if you aren’t enjoying using them.



Don’t Collect – AWESOMIZE!

Add notes! Add adventures! Put in your own footnotes. Keep having issues finding stuff in the book? Add notes to the index too. Original edition Vampire: the Masquerade had one of the key systems for new players hidden away under “Systems, Physical, Hunting”. Open the index and add it under H for Hunting and maybe again under F for Feeding. Don’t be afraid to show your love for the game by updating it to how you want it and how you use it!

Have issues with this? Buy yourself a copy of Dyson’s Delves. Open it up, pick a dungeon (like I did above with the Winter Fortress) and stock it. Right there. In the book. Get over your fear of marking up your books – you aren’t defacing them, you are making them MORE awesome.

As a footnote regarding Dyson’s Delves – in the next couple of days I will be taking down the limited edition hardcover version and replacing it with a standard edition hardcover which will not contain “The Twisted Halls of Mornard’s Revenge” adventure. That adventure & map will never be posted to the blog.