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As I was deciding what to scan for today’s Friday Map, I realized that I have about 45 maps drawn that I haven’t scanned yet. So I quickly flipped through the map book to find one of my larger map sets to put up today.

Hyram’s Ruins is a set of three maps for your use and enjoyment.

Hyram's Ruins - Surface

Hyram’s Ruins – Surface

The surface of Hyram’s ruins is an old tower on a hillside with the ruins sitting below in the lee of the hill and a cave further up.

There are three access points to level 1 of Hyram’s Ruins from the surface level. The most obvious is the staircase in the ruins proper (the northernmost stairs on level 1). Spiral stairs in the tower lead down to the centre of level 1, and a secret door in the roots of the tree in the ruins leads to the caverns attached to the side of level 1.

Hyram's Ruins Level 1

Hyram’s Ruins Level 1

The spiral stairs from the tower continue down past level 1 to level 2, as well as stairs in the south end of the secret cavern.

Hyram's Ruins Level 2

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