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I originally posted a quick photograph of this map a couple of months ago – I drew it in five minutes as part of #fridayfiveminutemaps. The topic that week was “craters”, which I only noticed after drawing this map. Thus, the map is now of some caves built into the inner rim of a crater (see, I can save my own bacon through bullshit at the drop of a hat!)

On the Crater's Edge

On the Crater’s Edge

It’s also the best five minute map I’ve drawn to date, and thus I rescanned it to post it as a map in it’s own right. It also has a few things that appear in my newer maps – my signature banner and the door directionality arrows. Since most of the maps I’m posting currently were drawn in 2012, few of them have the signature banner yet, and the door directionality only starts appearing a little after that. So expect to see those notations in maps starting in a few months once I’ve caught up on my map backlog.