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Ah, secret doors.

I read a lot of grief about secret doors lately. But I put them on a lot of my maps. Heber’s Cave is actually two caves, one only found through one of two secret doors  (one outside and one a secret trapdoor in the dungeon proper). But secret doors are not all that secret if you (the DM) don’t want them to be. They easily become concealed doors with a quick stroke of the pen. Or, remember the encounter example in the Moldvay Basic rules which had the wandering monsters wander in via the secret door, thus allowing the players to discover it without any actual searching (I’m guilty of using this tactic a lot).

Heber’s Cave was a lot of fun to draw. I enjoy playing with multiple elevations on the same dungeon map, and I like doodling my leafless trees. If you would like to use Heber’s Cave in your home game, feel free! And send me a link to your description of it and I’ll try to link back to it from the blog.

Heber's Cave

Heber’s Cave

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